Pin The Condom

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I've always considered myself to be a pretty lucky guy to have a hot chick as my roomate. But my luck was about to get better. Little did I know this was going to be the time of my life. Hailey usually had her two hot best friends over so I always had an eyefull of beautiful honeys around the apartment. They were having a party, one afternoon and of course being Hailey's roomate, I was invited. All of us were sitting at the couch when Hailey's friend Judy suggested something peculiar. "So, this has been a pretty fun party so far you guys, but I have this idea for a game that we could play... do you remember when we were little kids and we used to play pin the tail on the donkey?" The honeys and I looked at each other, curious as to what Judy was implying "Well this is a little something I call, Pin The Condom On The Cock!!" My eyes grew wide and the honeys laughed. "Gee, and whose the cock?!" I jokingly asked. Obviously, they wanted me to volunteer, Hailey raised my hand and shouted "I will!!" for me. I can't say I was reluctant, but I was a little nervous about the idea. "So, Hailey wanna go first?" Judy asked. There was no way, I was going to waste time. I stood up and peeled off my shirt, to which they replied with cheers as they noticed my raging hard-on pushing against my shorts. I removed my socks and began unzipping my shorts, revealing the fact that I was going commando. The honeys whistled and cheered, smacking my ass. "Are you ready?!" They asked. "Oh I'm ready." I replied. "Oh, by the way..." Judy began. "Whoever wins this game.. gets to... Give him a handjob!!" "Really!?!" Haily excitedly inquired. She clapped her hands and turned around so Judy could blindfold her.I was already jerking my cock, waiting for the game to start. Judy placed the condom in Hailey's hand and began to spin her around. Haily dizzily made her way towards the houseplant, fiddling with the leaves and searching for my body. I was disappointed that she couldn't find where I was. So she lost, and Maria was up next. After Maria was blindfolded, she was spun around and began feeling around. I couldn't believe it! ANOTHER loser. This was getting to be t0rturous as I really wanted these honeys to fondle my cock! Judy was next, and to my surprise she had no trouble finding my dick. I really think she's done this before. Her fingers sent chills down my shaft as she spread the condom over my head. "Okay, I got it on! I win!!!" She exclaimed. Judy kneeled right in front of my cock. The anticipation was killing me. She grabbed ahold of it and began milking my shaft. "I'm so glad I won..." Judy said. Hailey and Maria were pouting on the couch. Judy encouraged them to help. "This is a team effort." She said. So the honeys knelt down beside Judy and continued to fondle my throbbing dick and aching balls. Maria jerked me so well, it made the other honeys question her skills. "Maria is the slut!" They all exclaimed. "It's always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for." They giggled and wanked my dick faster and firmer. "It's a good thing. definitely a good thing." Judy reassured her. Their moans were music to my ears. One of the honeys suggested that I take over so they could see my dick stroking technique. I didn't want them to stop jerking me, but to make them happy I reluctantly agreed and started massaging my cock for them. It wasn't long though before they made their way back to stroking my rock hard cock. I bucked my hips into their grasp and surrendered to the raging lust I had for them. My cum drizzled like rain all over their hands. Making them glistening wet with sticky goodness. Judy may have technically won the game, but I think we all knew who REALLY won. ;)

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